langue fr EUROCONTROL - 17/11/2021

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on a harmonised military flight plan for Europe

In this latest technical webinar in the EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum series we will be looking at a key development in the creation of a seamless air traffic management environment: the implementation of a harmonised improved military (OAT) flight plan (FPL) across Europe, the iOAT FPL.

Currently, OAT flight planning is handled on a national level and is not integrated into the European centralised flight plan system which is responsible for processing and distributing all flight plans for General Air Traffic (GAT).

Implementing the iOAT FPL will bring significant operational benefits across the network, including improved situational awareness and enhanced predictability of civil and military flights especially in cross-border operations, greater consistency of flight data, enhanced interoperability and improved collaborative planning at network level.

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