langue fr LIEBHERR AEROSPACE - 23/11/2021

Liebherr - E-Mobility Solutions Automated plugging of high voltage battery module connectors

Viktor Bayrhof, Market Sales & Product Management will guide you through our E-Mobility Tech Center and introduces an innovative solution for the automated assembly of pluggable, touch-protected battery module connectors.

The high voltage battery is the heart of any electric vehicle. Each battery consists of several modules that are connected to form a battery pack.

After electrical connection, the battery systems achieve output voltages between 400 and 800 volts DC.

When assembling rigid busbars with screw connections, the exposed contact surfaces pose a high safety risk to operators and machinery.

Insulated pluggable module connectors with flexible cables offer several advantages.

However, since the automated assembly of flexible components is a technical challenge, this monotonous work is still performed manually.

With the demand for current rapid increase in unit volumes, this can quickly become a bottleneck in production.

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