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"For me, « international » means meeting new people and discovery.
This is a game, two games actually, that we call Erartsmus. The first game is about putting post cards on different locations.
We can do it!
For me, being international means being adaptable.
International for me means culture.
How this is going to work, like any other trivia, when I start the round and when I start the question, you guys press on the buzzer.
You guys are all looking great tonight!
Who is this person, what is she famous for and where did she come from? Poland? Yes! (cheering)
This evening we have the chance to welcome leading figures here at TBS.
My name is Nadia Pellefigue, I am the Vice-President of the Region.
For me, international represents discovery and exchange.
It is important to have an exchange experience. That's really the point; sharing with locals, with other people. Not only sharing courses but also sharing moments of life that will help you grow.
It is easy to meet people, they are always going to welcome you with open arms. They love to talk about their culture, their interests and discover our culture as well.
I was always with internationals, Spaniards, Italians, Ecuadorians, Germans.
For me, international means everything!"