langue fr Télécom Paris - 30/11/2021

Testimonial from Philipp Schlieker, a Double Degree student at the TU Munich and at Télécom Paris

Philipp Schlieker carried out a Double Degree program at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and at Télécom Paris in France. He received an Erasmus+ grant as well as a German scholarship from Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst for his 24-month study period at Télécom Paris. Philipp entered directly the second year of the Master of Science in Engineering at Télécom Paris and followed the Artificial Intelligence study track. He decided to study in France because of the strong links between Germany and France. He was interested in Télécom Paris entrepreneurship orientation and in its close ties to companies. He really appreciated our hands-on teaching methods and small learning groups enabling easy and frequent interactions with professors. Most of all, Philipp was convinced by the holistic training approach during his Master of Science in Engineering at Télécom Paris. He believes that taking into account Economy and Ethics for example is essential for future Engineers. He also enjoyed staying in Paris at the Cité Universitaire and taking part in the lively campus life on the Plateau de Saclay where the school is now located. Having now launched his own start-up, he advises future entrepreneurs to take advantage of the Télécom Paris Engineering unique training.