langue fr THALES GROUP - 08/12/2021

Being Cybersmart: Passwords - Thales

1/ A strong password is a long password made up of different types of characters
Use as many characters as possible (within reason) and include a combination of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special symbols. Avoid words or phrases that can be found in a dictionary or that refer directly to your personal or professional situation. One solution is to use a passphrase, which is a phrase you have memorised with a series of unconnected and/or made-up words, with or without spaces, interspersed with special characters.

2/ Each application has its own unique password
Similar passwords or derivatives are too easy for a hacker to guess. If you create different passwords based on the same model, you're putting all your passwords at risk. If that makes your passwords too hard to remember, whatever you do, don't write them down in a place that isn't secure. In fact, don't write them down at all! Use a password manger instead.

3/ New passwords need to be reset
Reset your passwords, especially default passwords provided when you activate a new account or service, or if you suspect that somebody else knows your existing password.

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