langue fr Lightspeed Aviation - 10/12/2021

Lightspeed Aviation Survival Checklist Deck

Lightspeed Aviation is excited to help equip you with our Aviation Survival Gear Kit an emergency survival kit that includes the basics to secure water, shelter, fire, basic first aid, and search and rescue, while leaving room for you to customize the kit to your needs.

The Aviation Survival Checklist Deck is a reference guide comprised of 22 informational 4x6 cards with simple-to-follow checklists to help keep you on target until help arrives. Topics include first aid, fire, water, shelter, basic knots, and mental toughness tips! This card deck also gives you suggested tips for customizing your kit for example, including your own knife or adding blood clotting material. This deck was crafted with the assistance of aviation experts to ensure you get the benefit of applicable information and tips. This compact deck is a valuable resource for you and your passengers to provide clear and simple instructions as guidance in a time of crisis.

Purchase this handy reference Check List Deck for $15 here:

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