langue fr Lightspeed Aviation - 10/12/2021

Lightspeed Aviation Survival Paracord Bracelet

Lightspeed Aviation is excited to help equip you with our Aviation Survival Gear Kit an emergency survival kit that includes the basics to secure water, shelter, fire, basic first aid, and search and rescue, while leaving room for you to customize the kit to your needs.

Today we would like to hi-light your Paracord Bracelet! This outdoor survival 550 cord Paracord Bracelet comes equipped with a compass and emergency whistle, and also includes a flint rod and serrated striker to create a spark and assist you with your fire-starting efforts. This wearable piece of equipment could be a vital part of your survival especially in an emergency egress situation!

This paracord bracelet comes as part of your Aviation Survival Gear Kit - part of our Holiday Gift with Purchase Promotion happening now through January 2, 2022.

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