langue fr Sherwin-Williams - 10/12/2021

Aircraft Color Visualizer

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has introduced the Aircraft Color Visualizer, a web-based tool that enables plane owners, paint shops, aircraft designers, OEMs and aviation enthusiasts to digitally experience color combinations on a variety of aircraft types.
The interactive desktop site allows users to choose from six aircraft models ranging from a kit aircraft to a heavy jet to customize with any color in the Sherwin-Williams aircraft color library and instantly view on screen. The pre-designed schemes can integrate one base color and up to three accents, in both solids and metallics.
The new visualizer was not created to replace professional aircraft scheme designers; on the contrary, it was created to enhance the color selection experience for designers and plane owners. Rather than selecting colors individually with a fandeck or painted panels, customers can digitally view Sherwin-Williams colors and incorporate them into actual aircraft schemes immediately.