langue fr Eaton - 20/12/2021

E-Config - Eaton configuration tool

E-CONFIG is an independent software system designed to prepare price information, technical specifications, offers, orders, product configurations and designs of Eaton distribution boards. The software can also be used to find the price of a product.

Download software here
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00:00 E-Config training
00:14 Introduction
01:45 Download E-Config
02:37 Overview of E-Config working window
08:44 Searching products in database tree
14:09 Searching devices by catalogue number or short text
16:34 Thirt party products database
23:27 Customer database
25:51 Objects in E-Config "Material list" vs "Distribution board"
27:21 Specification of switchboards in object "Distribution board"
30:27 Project details specification
33:16 Import function of materials (eg. from xSpider)
36:22 Price condition (discount) adjusting
41:07 Price condition for individual customer in Customer database
43:44 Single line diagram - specifying devices
50:16 Single line diagram - autogenerating and editing of drawing
1:04:27 Configuration of devices with relation check (MCCB, ACB, others)
1:22:50 Configuration of switchboards
1:23:49 Designing of consumer units for hausehold application
1:39:02 Designing of xEnergy Basic (ProfiPlus) switchboards
1:47:38 Export of material list and drawings
1:51:48 DEMO projects included in E-Config
1:54:30 Temperature rise calculation of switchboards

Recorded 15.9.2021