langue fr SKF - 18/01/2022

IPM Pulse Meter

- Do you face again and again unexpected machine downtimes?
- Do you miss key components for reliable machine performance monitoring?
- You want to live-monitor individual lubrication point oil flows?

Then the following could be of interest for you:

IPM, a plug&play pulse meter for digital flow monitoring in oil circulation systems

IPM is a digital pulse metering panel to monitor oil circulation system metering devices like flow meters, flow limiters or progressive dividers having pulse feed. The intuitive IPM touch display allows field configuration and individual parameters for up to 45 lubrication points. Each point is monitored against nominal flow value but can also have a reduced set point for startup period preventing unnecessary alarms. Besides informative local alarm messages the panel offers five relay outputs with 15 different alarm combinations. Thanks to its modular design IPM is optionally available with fieldbus connections. IPM can be used with SKF flow metering devices but it also offers excellent upgrade possibility for existing systems with pulse signals.

- Digital upper-level process control connectivity options like Profinet
- Real-time oil flow rate monitoring with alarm functions
- 5 individual configurable system alarm outlets
- Adjustable system start-up modes
- Intuitive digital touch display
- Easy wiring and installation

- Increased production due to optimized lubrication
- Reduced downtime due to digital system monitoring
- Predictive maintenance due real-time process monitoring

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