langue fr Stemme AG - 29/04/2022

STEMME DAYS Innsbruck 2022: Gil Souviron Live Talk

Turning Point Corsica: Planning A 1133km FAI Triangle Above The Mediterranean Sea

Live Talk with Gil Souviron

Get inspired with Gil Souviron, a modern adventurer & passionate Stemme pilot, who makes full use of his S12 backyard playground that reaches from
Ouarzazate in Morroco to Vienna in Austria, as I can be there in 7 hours
with my Engine (Autonomy 1800 km.. .) as he puts it. The electrical engineer lives in France.

In this talk Gil will give you an insight into his unique flight in May 2021
from France to Corsica and back via Italy with Baptiste Innocent.
Youll also learn about his mathematical approach of planning speed, headwinds and maximum performance and how he stays safe when taking risks.
Questions are welcome and will be answered after the talk.