langue fr Amaris France SAS - 01/07/2022

TecnoCast : Los protagonistas de la Tecnologia #2- Testing NFTs: In the World of Crypto & Blockchain

In TecnoCast we will share experiences and points of view with the real protagonists of technology.
All the unknown experts who work every day so that the future is developed, programmed, designed and reaches all of us.

In this episode we are going to talk about NFTs, this new trend that is revolutionizing the internet world thanks to the fact that celebrities from sports and television have been involved, paying millions of dollars for these tokens.
But to understand what they are really about, we will talk about the world in which they move and their currency.
The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

As a guest we have Jokin Aspiazu Jensen, our #Software Tester and consultant in the Amaris Tech Program of QA at Amaris Consulting with more than 14 years of experience!