langue fr Télécom Paris - 10/02/2023

Hongchuan Zeng, Chinese student, MSc in Engineering, double degree

Why choose Télécom Paris for your MSc in Engineering? Hongchuan Zeng, a Chinese student at SJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) talks about his double degree. He chose Télécom Paris for its very good rankings in computer science. After 3 years at the Sino-French institute, Hongchuan joined Télécom Paris to follow the first and second year of our MSc in Engineering. After a general first year, he specialized in data science and image processing with the objective of working in the field of artificial intelligence. What he likes best about Télécom Paris are the courses and the professors. He particularly appreciates the practical work and projects, which are very useful for putting theory into practice. Hongchuan also enjoys the relationships that Télécom Paris has with companies. He is very active in student associations. He participates in the organization of the annual Télécom Paris recruitment day as a member of the "Forum" association and contributes to the integration of international students within the framework of the Bureau des Elèves (BDE).

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