langue fr ISAE-SUPAERO - 17/02/2023

Discover... ISAE-SUPAERO's CMOS Image Sensors!

ISAE-SUPAERO - as a center for training through #research, research training and innovation - has many research equipments used within its 6 research departments.

Today, we present the CMOS Image Sensors!

Nowadays, CMOS Image Sensors occupy an increasingly important place. Thus, our ISAE-SUPAERO team has been developing CMOS image sensors for several years with many players in the field, and innovates by proposing new architectures and conditions of use requiring studies relating to elementary components but also on more complex structures.

Measurements are then performed on transistors, diodes with the help of a probe tester and a parametric analyzer, allowing very low current measurements (10 aA). Similarly, simple structures containing innovative pixels can be operated with the tester by means of probe cards coupled with a data generator specially designed for image sensors. All these studies make it possible to better understand the physics of photo-detection, but also to constitute models for our simulators. They are also used to follow the manufacturing processes during the various productions.


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