langue fr Lockheed Martin - 20/02/2023

Curiosity-Driven Engineering

At Lockheed Martin, our 60,000 mission-focused engineers, scientists and technologists create the future every day. From exploring the origins of our solar system, to advancing 21st Century Security and innovating at scale with predictive, digital capabilities they blend scientific rigor with creativity to bring forward the next big idea.

Growing up, Kingsley Fregene spent hours observing hummingbird flight patterns and marveling at their elegant aerodynamics. Making the connection between nature and robotics which sparked a lifelong passion to find solutions to problems. This year, Fregene was honored and elected a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) -- specifically in autonomous control of uncrewed vehicles.

As the Director of our Technology Integration office, Kingsley Fregene has insights into our 21st Century Technology Domains and how our engineers collaborate to create the future.