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Maximizing Productivity for Medical AM with the FormUp 350 | 3D Printed Medical Implants

AddUp works with the medical industry to manufacture various 3D printed medical implants: spinal implants, intervertebral cages, cranial implants, knee prostheses, hip prostheses, shoulder prostheses, and more.

The advantages of the AddUps FormUp 350 machine for the manufacture of surgical implants:

- Addition of porous structures to improve osseointegration
- Reduction of the mass of implants
- Simultaneous production of implants and surgical guides required for installation
- Accurate adaptation to the patients morphology
- Fast print times
- Serial production
- Meets mechanical + chemical industry standards
- Full build plate coverage
- Support free printing
- Minimal processing

Learn how AddUp FormUp 350 maximizes productivity and provides medical implant and device manufacturers with the right tool.

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