langue fr NASA - 15/03/2023

NASA, Axiom Space Reveal Artemis III Moon Mission Spacesuit Prototype (Official Broadcast)

Get the first look at the spacesuit NASA astronauts, including the first woman, plan to wear on the surface of the Moon during the Artemis III mission.

The spacesuit prototype will be revealed live in an event hosted by Axiom Space at Space Center Houston in Texas starting at 10:30 a.m. EDT (1430 UTC) Wed., March 15. NASA selected Axiom Space to deliver a moonwalking system to land the first astronauts near the lunar South Pole.

Participants will include:

Bob Cabana, associate administrator, NASA
Vanessa Wyche, center director, NASA Johnson Space Center
Lara Kearney, manager, Extravehicular Activity and Human Surface Mobility Program, NASA Johnson
Kate Rubins, NASA astronaut
Michael Suffredini, president and CEO, Axiom Space
Mark Greeley, program manager for Extravehicular Activity, Axiom Space
Russell Ralston, deputy program manager for Extravehicular Activity, Axiom Space
Peggy Whitson, Axiom-2 commander, Axiom Space
John Shoffner, Axiom-2 pilot, Axiom Space

Credit: NASA