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TopOwl acclaimed by pilots! Interview of a special forces pilot and of an instructor

TopOwl® is the result of over twenty years experience in the Helmet Mounted Sight Display field for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft.

TopOwl has been designed by pilots for pilots.

TopOwl uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the only complete, integrated helmet system solution featuring :

TopOwl provides the pilot with optimum vision of the environment featuring unique visor-projected intensified night vision which is extremely comfortable to use.

To accomplish the mission, TopOwl can display before the pilot's eyes images from any sensor located on the aircraft such as an FLIR HD. The high accuracy head tracking system is able to slave any weapon.

TopOwl provides the pilot with the best comfort, reducing pilot fatigue and improving performance over long and iterative missions.

TopOwl® has been chosen by 16 countries for their army, navy and/or air force attack and transport helicopters.
In full-rate production, TopOwl is operational on 5 major helicopter programmes: Tiger, NH90, Cobra AH-1Z, Huey UH-1Y and Rooivalk; T129 is in progress.

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