langue fr ICON Aircraft - 23/07/2019

ICON Celebrates its 100th A5 Aircraft | ASN-100

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Were excited to announce that ICON has completed the manufacturing of our 100th aircraft. ASN-100 was delivered to its new owner in South Florida, celebrating a great milestone for our company.

It was only a few years ago that the very idea of a light sport amphibious aircraft like the A5 became a reality. Building our first prototype was a great challenge. Now, the dream of mass-producing and scaling a commercial product has come true as more A5s continue to take to the air and our community of incredibly unique owners expands.

Building a carbon fiber, composite light sport aircraft from the ground up has been an enormous endeavor, but were proud of what weve accomplished. As youll see in watching this video, introducing a new LSA into the market has created quite the unique story.

We look forward to continuing to introduce current and prospective pilots to our aircraft, allowing them to experience for themselves a type of flying very few people have ever experienced, before.