langue fr Lockheed Martin - 27/08/2019

Mia Bridgeforth: Teamsters/Sikorsky Career Pathways Program

Meet Mia Bridgeforth. After graduating from a technical high school, Mia was having trouble securing a job due to her lack of experience in trade or skills. At just 17 years old, Mia applied and was able to join the Teamsters/Sikorsky Career Pathways Program, a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program, where she was able to work on helicopter engines as a paid intern and later receive a full-time job offer as a mechanic on the transmission for the CH-53K helicopter, Black Hawk, Sea Hawk and S-76. This apprenticeship is one of 70 apprenticeships that Lockheed Martin is proud to offer providing new pathways for talented people, like Mia, to pursue meaningful work.