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Make Bearings Go Further with Remanufacturing

SKF remanufactured bearings provide a significantly quicker, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly maintenance solution. Bearings can be inspected and remanufactured using up to 80% less energy than manufacturing a new bearing.

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Wind farm operators typically dispose of bearings and lubrication systems when they become damaged. However, there is a more time-effective, sustainable, and profitable alternative. Companies can re-use finite resources instead of discarding them. SKF remanufactures bearings to benefit the environment and business by increasing uptime, reducing costs, and saving resources. This helps form what is known as the circular economy.

The process begins with inspection where experts examine the bearing or lubrication system. In the next step, polishing repairs less serious wear and grinding resolves severe damage. Lubrication systems usually have the pumping unit replaced. The remanufacturing process ends with a sustainable product beneficial to business and the environment.

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