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MTV News - 'No Big Deal' Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Private Boeing 747 designed by Edése Doret

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Kim Kardashian casually shows off her ride on a luxury private 747 plane designed by Edése Doret on instagram.

Hey ICYMI, Kim Kardashian is rich af. How do we know?
Well she just took her followers on an extensive tour of a private 747 plane she was lucky enough to ride on and holy hell this is what opulence looks like.

The luxury aircraft designed by New York City based agency Edése Doret Industrial Design, was transporting Kimmy K and her husband, Kanye West, to some no doubt fancy af location. According to Refinery 29 their source says to fly on the 660-seated plane it costs around US$200,000 per hour - which means they are officially loaded.
The mother-of-three was excited to show off the bedrooms, the snacks and yeh she even brought her trainer along for a mid-flight workout. What even?
Anyway we're off to cry about how rich they are.
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Aired: 26 November 2018
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