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Onboard Marella Explorer Champneys spa

Weve partnered with Champneys to bring Britains number one destination for relaxation and wellness onboard Marella Cruises. You can expect the same top-notch service that youll get at any other Champneys spa, and get pampered with our selection of body wraps, massages and facials. Plus, you can indulge in exclusive treatments like the Marella Massage, and visit the beauty salon and wellness centre.

There are tonnes of great facilities to keep you busy onboard Marella Explorer, from the Hideout, the hangout spot for kids, to the Broadway Show Lounge, where youll be treated to West End-quality entertainment each night of the week. Then theres the long list of restaurants and bars to work your way through, including our pub at sea, Squid & Anchor, and Umi Sushi, where dishes are prepared right in front of your eyes.

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