langue fr SIKORSKY - 03/09/2019

The F-35: Mission ready, interoperable and combat-proven.

At Lockheed Martin, our mission is to keep our men and women in uniform mission ready. And the F-35 delivers.

The F-35 enterprise is built on strong international partnerships. And the F-35 5th Generation fighter provides unrivalled capability. Its advanced stealth, sensor fusion, exceptional maneuverability, unmatched interoperability, and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities provide essential tactical airpower advantages.

The F-35 is the most capable, most cost-effective solution and the only air system available today that is survivable against modern threats and capable to conduct fully autonomous operations against any potential adversary. From the factory lines to the frontlines, Lockheed Martin is there to see our customers missions through, from start to finish. And its those missions that define our purpose because lives depend on it.

Lockheed Martin. Your Mission is Ours.®

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