langue fr Airbus Helicopters - 10/09/2019

H125: Law enforcement with Oklahoma City Police

The Oklahoma City Police Department (#OCPD) operates two Airbus #H125 helicopters from the police departments Downtown Airpark base. Acquired in 2014 as the department invested in expanding its fleet, the helicopters are outfitted with forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and search lightsindispensable for the units missions. These include providing support to ground forces, searches for missing persons, suspect pursuits, and surveillance, a tasking that has resulted in the fleets achieving 1,600 flight hours per year.

The OCPDs air support unit comprises eight pilots, a lieutenant and two mechanical technicians. A dedication to public safety underlines the teams daily work, evident in the H125s near-constant state of readiness in their four years of service. Whether its policing the city in daylight or at night, or preparing for the Midwests never-distant natural disasters, the OCPDs confidence in their fleet stems from the H125s versatility, its load capabilities, horsepower, and overall performance.

In this video, watch Oklahomas capital city unspool under the H125s rotors, the North Canadian River and the citys iconic Devon Energy Center bright at the centre of a metropolitan area extending 620 sq. miles (1,605 m2). As the helicopter wheels and climbs over the Skydance Bridge, learn why Sergeants Brent Shetley and C. G. MacKinnon refer to the H125 as a great airship for the law enforcement mission and a joy to fly.