langue fr AFPA - 18/10/2019

Afpa, along with its European partners, launches a training course dedicated to professionals

The Life Foster project aims to reduce food waste in the restaurant sector. It is co-funded by the Life program of the European community. The project is implemented in Italy, Spain, Malta and France.

There are many initiatives, promotional offers, gourmet-bags, multi-size portions, solidarity donations, all ideas are good.

At AFPA, our goal is to educate professionals and future employees. We have created a training module aimed at integrating the fight against food waste into all catering courses.

This training module is intended for cooking and restaurant trainers but also for all professionals wishing to reduce food waste in their restaurant.

The training is divided into three main stages
First step : The first will allow you to become aware of the economic, social and environmental issues of the fight against food waste
Second step : During the practical workshop, you will be creative in making a meal while minimizing waste.
Third step : The third stage is divided into two phases
-The first will bring you the necessary methodology to build an action plan.
- The second will allow you to sketch your establishment project.

Dont waste time !!! Join us