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OmegA Rocket: Counting Down to 2021 Launch

The powerful OmegA rocket is a top priority for Northrop Grumman, and we are counting down to launch in 2021.

OmegA has the thrust needed to launch intermediate/heavy national security missions as well as satellites for civil and commercial customers.

The United States Air Force, Northrop Grumman and suppliers across the U.S. are partners in developing and manufacturing OmegA. Scientists, engineers and expert technicians are building and testing flight hardware and ground system equipment for OmegAs first flight.

Milestones featured in this video:
Successfully completed full scale static test of first stage
Set up friction stir welding operations at NASAs Michoud Assembly Facility
Began working in the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASAs Kennedy Space Center
Started making modifications to Mobile Launch Platform 3
Completed winding and cure for the first stage cases for OmegAs first flight
Assembled the first flight set of upper stage engines

Northrop Grumman designed the OmegA rocket specifically to address performance, schedule, ride quality and reliability needs of national security payloads. It uses highly reliable solid fuel for the boost phases of launch. OmegAs cryogenic upper stage uses two proven RL10 engines. Its avionics have flown on more than 100 missions with 100 percent success. Leveraging existing facilities, technologies with high technical readiness levels and an experienced workforce keeps OmegA affordable for a wide range of missions.

Northrop Grumman is excited about several innovative ways we will evolve the design over the next few years to achieve even greater performance.

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