langue fr MTU Aero Engines AG - 21/10/2019

MTU opens new high-tech test center for engine components

After two years of construction, the new test center for engine parts has now been completed. For the building, which is located in Munich, a total of 25 million euros were invested.

Here we can perform 65 different types of engine component testings among them spin tests, air flow measurements, structural tests, vibration, wear, ballistic and fatigue tests. Plans are to test new materials, new designs and larger structures. We have created testing capabilities that constitute a unique selling point for us and makes MTU Aero Engines clearly stand out among its competitors.

The new test center is also an invest for the future. The complete system can be expanded at any time - both in terms of space and new technologies.

The centerpiece of the new test facility is a multifunctional rotation test stand. It was built in a separate enclosure a twin-wall reinforced concrete structure and rests on a special soundproof base plate weighing as much as 90 tons.