langue fr NASA - 31/10/2019

Happy Halloween from NASA

Even though it is Halloween, NASA is giving you some Easter Eggs in this video.

Can you spot the significance of the house number? (Hint: T-Minus)

The sounds you hear, as the pumpkin is carving, are actually real spooky sounds from space. Listen:

The pictures in the windows are from NASA Sciences Spooky Saturn, and SDOs Jack-o-lantern Sun. Take a look:

Do you like the NASA Pumpkin?" Guess what? You can create your own NASA Space Pumpkins:

Of course, the candy is collected by little Trick-or-Treaters who are part of the Artemis Generation" and one could even be the first to set foot on Mars:

That International Space Station bag is important - not only does it hold candy; it also holds history. NASA just completed the first all-woman spacewalk:

Another bag of treats is the new series #AskNASA, where our experts answer your questions about space exploration and science:

The Helmet was created by the talented folks at NASAs Ames Research Center. You can download it and other models from NASAs 3D Model page:

Our little Spiders are here to represent. This is the 50th Anniversary of Apollo, and Apollo 9 had the first Lunar Module to be deployed in space; and its name was Spider:

What is Halloween without Bats? Did you know that the Hubble Space Telescope captured a Cosmic Bat? well, its shadow anyway:

All in all, NASA wishes you a Happy Halloween!