langue fr ISAE-SUPAERO - 30/07/2020

Launch of the rocket Scalar IV-B - Supaero Space Section Club

The Supaero #Space Section is an @ISAE-SUPAERO organization which designs, builds and launches experimental #rockets. Each year, several projects are realized by the students, some are autonomous, others are part of the CNES #PERSEUS Project

This video is a recap of the launch of Scalar IV-B this summer during the C'Space, a launch campaign made by Planètes Sciences for experimental rockets and cansats, in the vicinity of the city of Tarbes.

As said by the team :"After recovering and analyzing the flight data of this summer's launching campaign, we present to you this aftermovie about the SCALAR IV-B project. We got a nominal flight for the rocket and earned a lot of knowledge for the next step of the project".


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