langue fr ICON Aircraft - 09/12/2019

NHL Player Brooks Laich flies the ICON A5 for his first time

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Brooks Laich is no stranger to adventure. After a successful career in the NHL, Brooks now hosts his own series of YouTube videos, venturing through some of the most remote parts of the world. We wanted to get him in the ICON A5 to see how flying our light-sport amphibious aircraft compared to some of those experiences and to discover how quickly he, a non-pilot, could learn to fly our airplane.

We took Brooks on a one-hour demo flight in the ICON A5, cruising up and down the coast of Malibu to show off the flight characteristics and amphibious capabilities of the A5. Flying with the windows out, Brooks and our company pilot execute min-radius turns, a splash and go, and demonstrate the simplicity of a stall-recovery all in one flight.

If you've ever been interested in experiencing what a demo flight in the ICON A5 entails, this might be one of our most complete videos as far as to what to expect from our demonstration flight.