langue fr CNES - 18/12/2019

[Live] VS23 ANGELS & EyeSat Launch

New launch date of December 18 is targeted for #Soyuz Flight #VS23, with liftoff set @ 08:54:20 UTC. Replacement operations are underway for the faulty equipment affected by an outage. A new technical review before fueling of the launch vehicle will occur Dec. 18 at H0-5h.

Soyouz will launch 5 satellites : ANGELS, EyeSat, CSG PFM (Cosmoskymed), CHEOPS and OPS-SAT from the Guiana Space Centre.

Liftoff at 05:54 AM (Kourou time)/09:54 AM (Paris time).

Credits: ESA/CNES/Arianespace-Optique vidéo du CSG.