langue fr Av-DEC - 09/07/2020

Av-DEC® Official Thixoflex® Black (TG3212) Installation and Removal

Step-by-Step training on an aircraft showing the cleaning, masking, priming, seam sealing installation and de-masking. Also demonstrates the easy removal process. Thixoflex Black has several uses including sealing panels, antennas, and aircraft windshields to name a few.

Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an injectable polyurea sealant that integrates all the benefits of its base material. The two-part corrosion inhibiting formula is highly viscous and seals in record time. This makes for the quickest sealing of vertical surfaces, cracks, and voids against corrosion and water seepage. This injectable sealant is easily applied and removed without having to deal with hazardous residues that can cause corrosion.