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Made In America Garrett Metal Detectors

For more than five decades, Garrett Metal Detectors has called Garland, Texas home, becoming an integral part of the community.
Increasingly, Garrett products are also a part of your everyday life chances are youve utilized one of their products without even knowing it, as the companys detectors have played a critical role in keeping airports, stadiums and more, secure.
Digging Up History
Garrett detectors have also played their own role in uncovering history. On the company campus in Garland, they have established a museum full of artifacts discovered by Garrett detectors. It is full of everything from Native American hoards and Civil War artifacts, to ore deposits, World War II hand grenades, and more.
While this look into the past highlights the history of Garrett Metal Detectors, it also plays a role in preserving and telling the history of metal detecting itself.
Founder Charles Garrett exemplified the spirit of discovery that many associate with Garrett detectors, frequently taking his family on trips to see what pieces of history they could dig up themselves.
Its that passion for adventure, and the inspiration that struck Charles Garrett when he viewed the movie Treasure Island, that his son, Vaughan Garrett, said sparked his fathers initial desire to found Garrett Metal Detectors.
Discovering Garland
On this episode of Made in America, host Tyler Kern gets a glimpse at not only how Garrett Metal Detectors is committed to preserving its own slice of history and its local roots, but how the company manufactures the machines that both keep us safe and help other treasure seekers forge their own.
As Garland looks toward the future, the passion and growth that will continue to buoy the city are easy to find they are right there in Garrett Metal Detectors rich and storied history.

During a recent organized relic hunt in South Carolina, Rusty, Miguel, and Steve from the Garrett Team offer some advice on tips that might benefit beginning relic hunters.



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