langue fr TBS - 25/03/2020

Incoterms - TBS open teaching

Comedian Sammy Obeid (host of 100 Humans on Netflix) in collaboration with TBS Business School explains Incoterms. Incoterms, or INternational COmmercial TERMS seem pretty technical and difficult for the students to conceptualize. They are basically just a way for two traders to decide who pays for what when transferring goods across borders in a way that is legally clear and internationally agreed. However, listing the different incoterms and what they imply can be terribly boring for teachers and students. This video uses humor to get the key messages across and gives the students some tips to help them remember the key incoterms.

Suggested discussion questions:
- Why is it important to discuss incoterms with your foreign client?
- Whats the difference between EXW and DDP in real terms?

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