langue fr MORSON Group - 09/04/2020

Morson Wellbeing Q&A Series: Episode 2: How do I maintain a healthy relationship with food?

Over the next few weeks, Morson Group health, wellbeing and engagement partner, Heather Deering, will be presenting a series of informative videos in response to common health and wellbeing questions being asked of her by our employees. Our wellbeing series will allow us to support our wider community during, and beyond, this uncertain time.

With all of us experiencing huge disruption to our routines coupled with Easter around the corner we may find that the relationship with our fridges has become unhealthy and unhelpful during this time of upheaval.

As a qualified nutritionist, in this second episode, Heather gives her tips on how to have a healthy relationship with food particularly during times when routines are disrupted. Heather talks food preparation, approaching food with a positive mindset, retaining routine, how to curb emotional eating, nutrition and diet in the media, the benefits of good hydration and vitamin D and letting yourself enjoy Easter guilt free ...