langue fr ISAE-SUPAERO - 30/07/2020

Nicolas Duhaut, attaché at the French Embassy in Australia talks about the Nicolas Baudin program

The Embassy of France in #Australia supports student #mobility from Australia to France through the Nicolas Baudin Program. The co-funding is provided by the Embassy, the host university and the home university. The aim is to support Australian students (Bachelor, Master and PhD), coming to France to develop their professional skills and #research capabilities. Already 8 of them carried out an internship at ISAE-SUPAERO : 5 from University of Sydney, 1 from RMIT, 1 from Macquarie University , 1 from University of South Australia.

Discover the testimony of Nicolas Duhaut, attaché at the French Embassy in Australia. More infos on the Nicolas Baudin program here

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