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Kuwait eGovernment services: Electronic services for everyone - Thales

The law N°. 20 of 2014 on Electronic transactions marked a major milestone in the advancement of a national eID framework for eCommerce and eGovernment.

Throughout Kuwait, the introduction of new digital identity technology has enabled deployment of innovative electronic services. Government, banking, oil and other private sector enterprises now offer electronic services using the eID to authenticate identities and sign documents digitally.
Take a look at some examples

- Using the online service provided by the Ministry of Justice, lawyers can now access the government portal using their national eID, and sign and upload lawsuits digitally. This has made the process much more convenient and secure.
- Social security is one of the most important government services, affecting all segments of society. With the new eID, any citizen can access electronic services, using their eID as the primary authentication tool at a new network of self-service kiosks.

- Kuwait Oil Company has deployed the eID to improve communication with its 3000 employees. Self-service kiosks have been introduced, simplifying the issuance of HR and payroll certificates. Employees can now access the service using their eID to view and print all required documents with complete privacy and security.

- Kuwait Credit Bank has deployed the national eID as the most secure tool to access its online services and apply for governmental loans. The eID card contains the information required to complete the loan application. The card is also the key to authenticate through the bank's web portal. As a result, the applicant no longer needs to visit the bank in person.

- With the Boubyan Bank smart phone application, money transfer has never been easier: anyone can transfer or receive money using their national eID. The beneficiary can withdraw the authorized amount of cash directly from an ATM machine, using the eID assigned for this operation. There is no longer any need to visit the branch and wait in line.

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