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CNC Router Foam Insert Machining | The M-Series by C.R. Onsrud

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The M Series may be the smallest moving gantry CNC router in the C.R. Onsrud line-up, but don't be fooled into thinking it's any less of a workhorse than bigger machines in our product line. C.R. Onsrud incorporates the same detailed engineering, workmanship, and quality of materials into every machine we manufacture no matter how small or large. The M Series CNC router boasts rigid frame construction, highly responsive drive mechanisms, and many more of the top-end features you'd expect to find on our bigger models. Our competitors may say we've over-engineered this model, but we just happen to think they've under-engineered theirs. We want you to have a CNC machine you can grow your business with, not just get by for now. With the M-Series, we give you the power, precision, speed, and strength to do big things with this robust CNC platform, without any fears your machine gives out before you do.

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