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Garage Door Machining - With a C.R. Onsrud G-Series CNC Router

Here's a look at a C.R. Onsrud 241G-Series - Machining a Garage Door with a custom fixture designed for handling garage doors. Fixture contains a conveyor for removal of scrap pieces.

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G-Series Description:
The largest moving gantry CNC router in our line-up is the G Series. This machine is particularly well suited for large, continuous panel and sheet processing operations. This fixed table - moving bridge design saves valuable floor space in your facility, keeps the price down, and still offers the full range of useful options (such as additional tool changers, multi- spindle drilling heads and more). The incredible throughput and productivity of our G Series design gives you the heavy cutting and high material removal rates you demand and can easily break down full sheets of 1-1/2" thick plywood, laminates, veneers, or aluminum plate at super fast feed rates while operating under continuous duty conditions. Weve engineered this CNC router to help absorb many of the cutting vibrations normally associated with heavier cutting applications and operations, which eliminates time-stealing inefficiencies thus high-volume panel processors and cabinetmakers love the flexibility and production capabilities the stout G Series design affords. Additionally, the lower purchase price opens up the benefits of a large table-size-to-cost ratio to a variety of industries, making the G Series moving gantry style CNC machine by C.R. Onsrud the logical choice for high volume manufacturing and reduced start-up costs.

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