langue fr ACROMAG INC. - 29/04/2020

Acromag VPM3000 Series Universal Transmitter / Alarm with Display | Acromag VPM3000 Vertu digital panel meters are among the most versatile on the market and able to operate as a transmitter and/or alarm to satisfy a wide variety of process and temperature applications. The VPM3000 is field-programmable to accept many inputs including process voltage, process current, Platinum RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples.

One of the VPM3000 meters most useful features is its ability to provide 24V DC to power a transmitters 4-20mA signal. Two relays and isolated 4-20mA output options increase the utility of the display. The relays can be used for limit alarms or control applications. The 4-20mA output provides isolated retransmission of the input signal; especially useful for temperature inputs like thermocouples and RTDs without an additional signal conditioner.