langue fr ICON Aircraft - 30/04/2020

Flying a Seaplane in Rough Water Conditions

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In this video on how to fly the ICON A5, we outline the proper techniques for operating the amphibious ICON A5 Light-Sport Aircraft in rough water conditions.

At ICON, we believe that your pilot training never ends. Whether youre an experienced seaplane pilot or just learning, its our goal to make each of our owners the best A5 pilot they can possibly be, and it starts with recognizing that you should become a safer and better pilot each and every time you go flying.

Seaplane operations in rough water require advanced skills and are recommended for experienced pilots only. Skill alone, however, is no substitute for good decision making. Sometimes, the best choice you can make is to not land in rough water at all, which is one advantage of having a plane that you can land on the water or on a concrete (or grass) runway.

This video is not meant to replace instruction or currency training with an A5 instructor, but rather to provide an overview of rough water landing and takeoff procedures. We hope you find it a helpful review.

Enjoy this peek behind the curtain at how ICON Flight Training teaches rough water operations and procedures for A5 owners and pilots.