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Frequently asked questions for Qatar Airways cabin crew

What's it like being a #QatarAirways cabin crew? Do you pick your flights? These are some of your questions and now it's time to hear their answers as they look after you during the journey, delivery our award-winning service, and greet you with a smile.

Carla from #Brazil answers the questions you've been eager to ask our #cabincrew. See a particular question below? Tap the timestamp to jump to its answer.

00:00 Introduction
00:11 What do cabin crew carry when they operate a flight?
00:39 Is there a minimum age requirement to becoming a cabin crew? What about an age limit?
00:51 How tall does one has to be to become a cabin crew?
01:19 Is being a cabin crew a female-only role, since I've seen mostly female crew?
01:30 How long do you have to rest before operating a flight?
01:53 Has been a cabin crew helped you become a better traveller?
02:28 How would you compare travelling as a crew and travelling as a passenger?
03:00 If someone wants to consider becoming a cabin crew, what's your advice to prospective applicants?
03:41 Does knowing an additional language greatly help in becoming a cabin crew?
04:12 What are the do's and don'ts of being a cabin crew?
05::21 Have you ever encountered a passenger who was afraid of flying?
06:13 Have you ever delivered a baby onboard?
06:33 Do you get to pick your flights or are they assigned to you in advance?
07:00 How many types of uniform are there?
07:47 How do you combat jetlag?
08:10 What's the type of training done to become a cabin crew?
09:09 What's 'ditching'?
09:25 Why did you become a cabin crew?
10:19 What are the skills any cabin crew is expected to have?
11:05 Where do cabin crew sleep onboard?
11:43 Are cabin crew provided meals onboard and what are some of the options made available by catering for the cabin crew?
12:11 Why do cabin crew turn off the lights during night landing?
12:53 How long does it take to put on your makeup?
13:14 Do all crew have to wear the same shade of lipstick?
13:35 Do you fly with the same people on each flight?
14:05 How long does it take to be promoted to the next position?
14:40 What was the nicest thing a customer has ever told you?
15:20 If something happens with the captain, are you able to fly the aircraft?
15:43 Which one is your favourite aircraft and why?

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