langue fr MTU Aero Engines AG - 10/06/2020

MTU's military programs at a glance

MTU Aero Engine is Germany's leading engine manufacturer with decades of expertise in military engines. We are the industrial lead partner for the German Armed Forces with more than 15 years of successful maintenance cooperation. As a partner of Sikorsky we currently compete for the German Air Forces heavy-lift helicopter contract with the CH-53K. Also, we are a key partner in European and U.S. engine programs.

We enable and partner for the engine to power Europe's Next-Generation Fighter aircraft in order to boost the European cooperation for the next decades.

MTU Aero Engines is one of the worlds leading industrial system partners for the military engines that power combat jets, helicopters, and military transport aircraft. Innovative, capable, and reliable with its first-class technologies, products, and services, MTU ensures that military customers can count on the full availability of their fleets at all times.