langue fr Pilatus - 22/06/2020

PC-24 Easy Patient Loading

Every iconic product incorporates at least one hallmark feature that dramatically differentiates it from the competition. Introducing the worlds first air ambulance jet with a patient loading door. Its dimensions are simply outstanding, and its advantages are equally impressive.

Patients can be loaded and unloaded from the Super Versatile Jet by means of an electrical powered loading device or alternatively with a ramp loading of patients has never been faster, safer or easier.

The Super Versatile Jet can almost halve the time for long-haul, patient critical scenarios and boost the air ambulance operators response time. The PC-24 has proven itself dutifully as a first-responder providing support to teams helping people impacted by COVID-19 for example. Provide the most-advanced health care service to your community with the Pilatus PC-24 Air Ambulance.