langue fr CLEAN SKY - 24/06/2020

Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off!

A new independent study, commissioned by Clean Sky 2 and Fuel Cells & Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertakings on hydrogens potential for use in aviation, was presented at an event on 22 June. The study's findings were presented by experts from McKinsey & Company, and speakers from the European Commission and the European aviation and hydrogen industries also gave their views.

It's clear that hydrogen has huge potential for the decarbonisation of aviation: novel and disruptive aircraft, aero-engine and systems innovations in combination with hydrogen technologies can help to reduce the global-warming effect of flying by 50 to 90%.

A long-term policy framework, as well as a strong increase in long-term R+I activities and funding, is required, to provide legal and financial certainty for technology development.

Revisit the webinar with this recording, and read the full study and a summary of key findings on our website: