langue fr ICON Aircraft - 01/07/2020

Beaching an Airplane | How to fly the ICON A5

Beaching the ICON A5 highlights the aircrafts versatility and is one of the most fun experiences you can have in a seaplane. Just imagine landing on the water nearby, idling up to your favorite spot, cutting the engine, and jumping out to enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon on the beach. The amphibious capabilities of the aircraft unlock adventures that conventional airplanes simply don't allow.

Beaching is a lot of fun, but there are also several important factors to consider when beaching the ICON A5 to make sure you do it safely. Similar to beaching a boat or a jet ski, make sure that you take the wind and water conditions into consideration and also make sure that the area is suitable and wont cause damage to the hull of the airplane.

As a reminder, this video is meant as a brief overview of beaching procedures and is not meant as a step by step instruction for how to beach an aircraft. Every A5 pilot must go through our landplane or seaplane transition course before being qualified to fly A5. These courses cover all beaching procedures and considerations in great detail.

We hope this video provides helpful insight into our training principles and also highlights the incredible versatility of the ICON A5.