langue fr Kitamura Machinery - 09/07/2020

Kitamura's Ultra Compact 30-Taper Mycenter-HX250iG Horizontal Taking Cuts Like a 40-Taper Machine

Small and precise but heavy on cutting power, Kitamura's Mycenter-HX250iG horizontal machining center comes with a standard 15,000rpm 30-taper spindle capable of taking on heavier cuts traditionally saved for larger 40-taper HMC's.

Rigidity, precision, speed and responsiveness make the HX250iG a unique option for those looking for a space-conscious HMC that can handle both small and medium more complicated, intricate parts requiring superb rigidity and ultimate stiffness in spindle construction and function.

Automation ready means multi pallets and multi tools can be added in the field as your needs grow or change for optimum flexibility and productivity in the way you machine your parts. Go all day or lights out.

Arumatik-Mi control offers interactive touchscreen display technology with a focus on ease of use for the operator. High speed processing functions, remote monitoring capabilities and a slew of standard features make for a completely customizable and expandable user experience.

If your thinking 30-taper VMC, think again, think HMC, think Kitamura Mycenter-HX250iG.