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Safety, Health and Comfort: A New Approach to Travel

For us at Corendon Airlines, our main priority is the safe arrival of our passengers at their
favorite holiday destination.
So you can fly during Corona with no worries.
For this reason we have taken extra precautions to ensure the well-being of our crew as well
as our customers
In the process of boarding, before entering the aircraft, we take the temperature of everyone
and make sure that there are no fever symptoms.
We board row after row, from back to front. This way we can keep the distances in the plane
as good as possible.
During the entire stay in our aircraft, it is mandatory for the crew as well as the passengers
to wear a mask.
We the crew disinfect our hands regularly, and offer it to our passengers as well, if they wish
We at Corendon are happy to welcome you back on board and to get you to your destination
safe and healthy.
For more Informations regarding our Corona measurements, please visit our website!
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