langue fr IATA - 22/07/2020

Used Serviceable Material USM LLP Traceability Implementation - recorded webinar

Used Serviceable Material (USM) is expected to provide low cost alternatives to aircraft parts. With the input from various industry stakeholders, IATA introduced a Guidance Material for the Traceability of Life Limited Parts (link). This webinar presents the most important aspects of the Guidance Material and the challenges in the implementation of LLP traceability.

Topics included:
- IATAs vision on Traceability; implementation timescale
- Regulatory and commercial aspects
- Main parameters (elements) to be traced
- Support documentation
- Implementation
- Specific cases

Moderator: Chris Markou (Head, Operational Cost Management - IATA)

- Jason Dickstein (General Counsel - Aviation Supplier Association)
- Mitch Weinberg (President - International Aircraft Associates, Inc. and Board Member of ASA)
- Rich Gauvin (Chief Technical Officer - Castlelake)
- Audrey Constable (VP Technical - ELFC)
- Dan Mashburn (Technical Leader - GE Aviation Materials)
- Mark Benson (SVP Technical Services - Delta Material Services)
- Pat Markham (VP, Technical Services - HEICO)

Webinar recorded on July 22, 2020.